Following the fight against climate breakdown across Greater Manchester and beyond. We're keeping climate breakdown at the forefront of politics one interview at a time. Catch our latest show below.

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Do Working-class People Really Care About Climate Change? With Nicole González

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Climate Researcher Fired for Not Flying! Dr. Gianluca Grimaldi

This week on the show Ads and Andrew are joined by Dr. Gianluca Grimaldi, a climate researcher. Gianluca tells his story of being fired from his job as a climate scientist for refusing to fly for work-related travel

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May 20, 2024

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Kohei Saito on Degrowth Communism.

What can Marx do to inform the struggle against climate breakdown? We spoke to Philosopher Kohei Saito to learn about Degrowth Communism.

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Why are cars getting so much bigger? Finance, Loans and Debt.

Why are cars getting bigger and more expensive? Debt, financial interest in car manufacturers and upgrade culture, we unpack it all with Dr Tom Haines-Doran.

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XR Founder Roger Hallam on Revolution and climate movement strategy

This week XR co-founder Roger Hallam discusses why citizens assemblies are the back bone of any future revolution.

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"The Green Party is on a Meteoric Rise" Interview with Zack Polanski,Green Party Deputy Leader"

This week we're joined by deputy leader of the Green Party Zack Polanksi. Is voting Green a wasted vote? What the Greens do if they actually got in power?

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Green energy has never been cheaper, so why aren't we transitioning faster? With Brett Christophers

We're joined by Brett Christophers to discuss why we're not moving faster with green energy and why energy markets are an absolute mess.

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Working Class Voices

Our Ads is on a mission to understand why the working class is so hesitant to get involved in the climate movement in its current form. Each week he'll be talking to climate-conscious people who identify as working class to discover their thoughts on how working class people can become a force in the fight for our very survival.

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