About Us

We're a group of climate activists based in Greater Manchester. Since we started the podcast in March 2020, we've interviewed some of the leading politicians, academics and activists in the climate movement — from Asad Rehman to Julia Steinberger.


Our mission is a simple one: to create a green and just world in which we can all thrive.

By providing a space to discuss the ideas and policies making up a Green New Deal, we’re keeping climate breakdown at the forefront of politics. Climate breakdown is felt locally, nationally and globally. We place equal weight in exploring the issue at all these levels, platforming local environmental campaign groups as well as leaders of the climate movement.

Meet the team

We’re a small team, but we believe in big change.

Adam Williams
Adam is an eco-socialist with an M.A. in Critical Theory who grew up in Blackley and Moston in North Manchester. 

He came to the realisation over a decade ago that the fight against climate-breakdown was the most important fight we have ever faced and so it must become intrinsic to the socialist revolutionary tradition.

Adam believes that the key to fundamental change lies with the working class and is interested in understanding and developing working class perspectives on ecological issues.
Lucy Burke

Lucy Burke is an academic, writer, trade union and disability activist originally from Leeds but now living in North Manchester. 

Her research explores the relationships between the arts and social justice with a specific focus on dementia, ageing, cognitive difference and neuro divergence. 

She is committed to ensuring that the rights and needs of disabled people are at the centre of environmental politics and the climate movement

Alex King

Alex is a freelance journalist based in Manchester specialising in the climate crisis, employment and politics. He has written for The Independent, Novara Media, Tribune Magazine, Red Pepper, The Meteor and Manchester Mill. 

Alongside his writing, Alex manages communications for organisations devoted to democratic participation and sustainability. He manages communications and marketing for Shared Future CIC and Carbon Coop.

Andrew Glassford

In the words of Ads “half man- half mixing desk” Andrew Glassford is the producer of the Manchester Green New Deal Podcast.

As well as being a freelance audio engineer and theatre worker Andrew is a member of Red Co-op and was a founder of the the Retrofit Get in Project, helping theatre workers affected by the covid-19 pandemic with reskilling into jobs retrofitting homes.

Andrew is probably the most likely to ask a philosophical question exactly at the wrong time.

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