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11th April, 2022
Timothée Parrique
"The IPCC opened the Degrowth Pandora's box" interview with Timothée Parrique
With the IPCC working group 3 report coming out last week and it explicitly saying economic growth will be a prevailing factor in burning the world into a crisp it’s time to ask again; what are the alternatives? Timothée Parrique discusses how Degrowth is making it's way to the heart of climate change research and thought.
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June 27, 2022
Gaya Sriskanthan

Political climate education with Momentum

Momentum have launched a climate politics education program, Momentum co-chair Gaya Sriskanthan join us to discuss how momentum sees the fight for the climate.

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Since we started in March 2020 we've interviewed some of the leading politicians, academics and activists in the climate movement — from Asad Rehman to Julia Steinberger and GND Rising.

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