The labour movement has neglected conservation — we need a biodiversity job guarantee

June 10, 2024

Such a scheme could help remedy both ecological collapse and the problem of meaningless work, while also reconnecting humanity and non-human nature.

Andrew Ahern

Fossil fuel companies have no place in sport

May 29, 2024

Fossil fuel companies have hijacked sport — we must end their sponsorship once and for all.

Michael Hardy

Angry flowers don’t win either

April 17, 2024

Reflections on 'If We Burn'.

Adam Williams

Councils need an uplift to tackle the climate crisis

April 9, 2024

There’s an alternative future within reach where councils build housing, create green jobs and provide publicly-owned buses and trams. But we won’t get there with one arm tied behind our backs.

Minesh Parekh

The tropical bird that shows the climate crisis is coming for Manchester

April 3, 2024

It has been described as "the 21st-century equivalent of a canary in a coal mine".

Jennifer Sizeland

Food waste is destroying our environment

March 25, 2024

Ecologically, the current food system is a disaster. We must fix it through legislation, incentives and public education.

Lennon Mudzengerere

The absentee carnivores of the Himalayas

March 8, 2024

A group of scientists have produced a groundbreaking study on the impact the climate crisis and human disturbance are having on the habitats of apex predators in the Greater Himalayas.

Pragathi Ravi

Ecosocialism or barbarism

February 24, 2024

In 2024, socialism without ecology, biodiversity and the climate at its core is not a socialism that has any relevance for the people who are about to go through one of the greatest struggles in human history.

Adam Williams

Fossil fuel companies won’t drive the green transition — so the state must

February 19, 2024

BP's latest profits demonstrate that fossil fuel companies are structurally incapable of leading the clean energy transition. Only a state-led programme of transformative investment can deliver it.

Joseph Evans

The climate movement needs to join the fight against borders

November 10, 2023

Resisting borders is a key part of ending the climate crisis.

No Borders in Climate Justice

Labour’s Green No Deal

October 12, 2023

What remains of Labour’s 2019 Green New Deal?

Alex Champion

Loss and damage is real and it’s happening now

September 12, 2023

Even though developing countries’ contribution to greenhouse gas emissions is very low, they suffer the impacts of climate change the most.

Hyacinthe Niyitegeka

Happy flowers don't win

August 7, 2023

Forget the smiles and laughter. Angry people don’t laugh.

Adam Williams

Reflecting on the Big One

June 30, 2023

Billed as a more inclusive, non-disruptive event, it may not have been insurgent but it did feel valuable.

Joel Stone

Mainstream environmental activism is alienating the working class

June 1, 2023

Activists should throw less orange paint and focus more on building alliances with working class communities.

Emma River-Roberts

In search of a Left UKIP

May 26, 2023

What does a Green surge at the local elections mean for Labour? Is a Left UKIP possible?

Alex Champion

Reflecting on the High Seas Treaty

April 27, 2023

While the treaty undoubtedly makes some progress, a number of challenges remain.

Chris Armstrong

Despair is for the fortunate

March 24, 2023

Grief alone can never be a driver of climate action. We must let hope try.

Andrew Glassford

Tyre Extinguishers Q&A

January 26, 2023

The clandestine climate activist group famous for covertly deflating the tyres of SUVs answered our questions about their tactics.


Support the strikes

January 10, 2023

Key workers deserve better pay and conditions — and we need a strong trade union movement for a just transition.


What does COP27 mean for climate justice?

December 8, 2022

Victories like the loss and damage fund are a spark of hope, lit by the power of movements.

Amiteshwar Singh

The climate crisis is a health crisis

October 29, 2022

No matter how good our medicine is, if we don’t tackle the systems which make people sick, we cannot heal them.

Rob Abrams, Abi Deivanayagam, Sara el-Solh, Rhiannon Osborne, Amiteshwar Singh

Hands off our green space

October 8, 2022

A report from the frontlines of the battle to save Ryebank Fields.

Lilly Hill

Joe Biden's climate bill is a far cry from the Green New Deal

September 26, 2022

The Inflation Reduction Act will merely shore up the bottom line of capitalists. We need something that will revitalise American society.

David Griscom

Project Bill 6054: Guatemala's controversial conservation law

August 30, 2022

The sweeping new bill to centralise the country's conservation projects under a 'super ministry' is unconstitutional and could create huge uncertainty if passed, critics say.

María Sagastume and Jorge Rodríguez

We must resist geoengineering

August 13, 2022

Far from being a neutral scientific proposal, geoengineering is deeply tied to imperial geopolitics and militarism.

George Buskell

Don’t sing to your enemies 

July 9, 2022

In this opinion piece, Adam Williams reflects on Working Class Voices — a podcast series he hosted on how working class people view the climate movement.

Adam Williams

Towards a decolonial global Green New Deal

June 1, 2022

We must avoid repeating the same patterns of colonial exploitation and extraction that led to the climate crisis in the first place.

Andrea Gillespie

Climate activists can seek power and strength in communities

May 19, 2022

Acting locally allows us to build resilience, show solidarity and reconnect with the environment.

Emma de Saram

Community wealth building and climate breakdown: how left Labour councillors fight back in power

May 3, 2022

Labour councillors and Labour-held councils must show local communities that municipal socialism can create prosperity while tackling the climate crisis.

Aden Harris

War, ecocide and eco-socialist transition

April 9, 2022

War’s destruction of human and non-human life destroys the social and ecological conditions we need to build a better world.

Kai Heron

Europe will only be green when it overthrows its oligarchy

April 2, 2022

The European Commission's 'Green Deal' is woefully inadequate. We need Europeans on the streets, citizens' assemblies, workers reskilled and MeRA25 in parliaments.

Dušan Pajović

Time for rich countries to pay climate reparations

March 26, 2022

A recent super typhoon in the Philippines underlines the need for the Global North to help the Global South address unfair climate damages.

Harpreet Kaur Paul

India can't defeat climate change without tackling social injustice

March 19, 2022

Building a just and climate-resilient future for India requires reforms which address pre-existing inequalities based on caste, class and gender.

Pooja Kishinani

Why the world needs eco-socialism

March 14, 2022

A just transition means rejecting the failed electoralist strategies of social democracy and instead building a radical movement of movements.

Max Ajl

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