XR Founder Roger Hallam on Revolution and climate movement strategy

Monday, March 25, 2024

When people think about environmentalists, the next words they probably say are "Oh, like Extinction Rebellion?" The Impact of XR on the the climate movement probably can't be over stated. From ubiquitous association to the affects on organising practice, Extinction Rebellion has been at the forefront of climate action for the last five years.  in the U.K many campaigns and activist are holding their breath, waiting for the Labour Party to take the reigns of government, so the question is: what next for XR?

This week Ad's and Andrew are joined by XR and Just Stop Oil co-founder Roger Hallam.  They discuss how affects of climate change spurred Roger into working on building a climate movement,  how XR was built, its successes and shortcomings,  why revolution is the only answer now as we head past 1.5 degrees and why citzens assemblies can be the mechanism for the revolution.


Check out Roger's "The Work We Need to Do" herehttps://drive.google.com/file/d/13UFxnwIEb4afjEzRdZQ72WUtLvvPB0PM/view?ref=rogerhallam.com

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