Working Class Voices: Season Two with Emma River Roberts

Monday, September 11, 2023

Welcome to season two of Working Class Voices on GND Media. This podcast is where we let the working class speak for themselves, on how to combat climate breakdown.We believe the working class will be the ones to fundamentally drive the transition from fossil fuels, and only with their collective power could it ever be a truly just transition.

This season will focus on those from the working class who are already in the climate movement.

This week Ads is joined by Emma River Roberts. They discuss why Just Stop Oil's actions miss the point when it comes to accelerating climate action, Emma's experience of being working class in the climate movement, Emma's view of the Labour Party right now and what needs to be done to properly link the working class and climate movements together.


Here's Ad's article on Working Class Voices' season 2 "Happy flowers dont win".

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