Working Class Voices #6 Dan Marsden

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Our Ads is on a mission to understand why the working class is so hesitant to get involved in the climate movement in its current form. Each week he'll be talking to climate-conscious people who identify as working class to discover their thoughts on how working class people can become a force in the fight for our very survival.

This week Ads is joined by friend and hip hop artist Dan Marsden to discuss the aesthetics of the climate movement and how working class people may view them. In this episode Ads and Dan try to have an honest discussion about what does and does not resonate with the working class in regards to art, music and performance to try to understand better some of the reasons why people are not getting involved in the fight of lives.Dan  goes by the  stage name "Cheech" and is a part of the Hip Hop acts'Mothership Connection' and "Bluntskins". They kindly provided the tune "Hush One" for our outro music.  Check out links to their music below.


Check out Dans music here

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