"We've got to rebuild trust" Finance, Class & Environment with Grace Blakeley

Monday, June 22, 2020

Safe to say that he Economy as we formally know it has taken a nose dive. Britain has lost 20% of GDP over the course of lockdown as businesses closed up and demand slumped to save the population from Covid-19. But what is the British economy actually made of? Is GDP representative of the actual production of everyday people in the UK? Has chasing these golden numbers skewed the british economy into a place where traditional working class jobs are less important that they used to be? If there is to be a recovery and a green recovery at that, what does it look like under a Conservative government?

To discuss the effects of finance on the environment and the working class  we are joined by economist and writer Grace Blakeley (@graceblakeley). Grace is the author of Stolen: how to save the world from Finacialisation.


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