"We all should be botanists" Interview with Leif Bersweden

Monday, March 21, 2022

As spring begins to bloom into life we're heading back into the garden to see how biodiversity, botany, and our green and pleasant land is vital in our fight against climate change.

We are joined this week by Leif Bersweden. Leif is a Botanist, plant geneticist and writer who specialises in flora across the British Isles. Leif spent a year travelling the British Isles to discover how people and communities connect to their environments and explored the rich biodiversity of the isles. We discuss how we can rejuvenate Britain's wild meadows, cultivating empathy with wildlife, how poor soils can create biodiversity and Britain's most devious plants.


You can check out Leif's books here:https://leifbersweden.com/books/

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