WCV S2: Keir Milburn " Glorious Variation in the Global Working Class"

Monday, October 16, 2023

This week on Working Class Voices Ads' is joined by writer and activist Keir Milburn. Keir is the author of “Generation Left” and is a co-host of ACFM on Novara Media. Keir is also a founding member of the think tank Abundance.

They discuss how the definition of who is working class affects organising strategies, are the working class more resilient to police oppression and brutality and has this had an affect on groups like XR? Keir discusses the Spy Cops scandal, Why the working class has to build its own institutions to save the just transition from venture capital, the cycles of social movements and what the left needs to do when Starmer takes power.


ACFM- Keir's podcast with Nadia Idle and  Jeremy Gilbert


Red Plenty Games




Under cover policing inquiry (Spy Cops inquiry )


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