The Uninhabitable Earth No More? with David Wallace Wells

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

It is, we promise, worse than you think.  Or maybe it was?  For all the fear and genuine suffering covering the globe from actual happening climate change, maybe, just maybe,  we are on a path that isn't all out destruction of the earth?

This week on the show we are joined by  climate writer and columnist David Wallace Wells. David writes for New York Magazine, The New York Times and is author of best selling book "The Uninhabitable Earth".  We discuss how David got into climate journalism and how writing "The Uninhabitable Earth" book made him more hopeful about the future,  the paradox of Republican politicians and climate investment and how do we persuade people about the benefits of a green energy transition.


Read Davids' original article HERE

Get a copy of Davids' book "The Uninhabitable Earth" HERE

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Varshini Prakash - co founder of the Sunrise Movement