" The IPCC opened the Degrowth pandoras Box" interview with Timothée Parrique

Monday, April 11, 2022

With the IPCC working group 3 report coming out last week and it explicitly saying economic growth will be a prevailing factor in burning the world into a crisp it’s time to ask again; what are the alternatives? How do we build societies that don't have fossil fuel based growth at the heart of them.

This week on the show we are joined by  Timothée Parrique (@timparrique). Timothées writings include his PHD “The political economy of degrowth”, which is he currently writing as a book adaptation, and “Decoupling debunked- Evidence and arguments against green growth” a report for the European Environmental Bureau (EEB).  We discuss the upcoming french elections (recorded before the results of the first round), degrowth in the latest IPCC report, the language of Degrowth VS a Green New Deal and  why growth is a poor way to describe economic behaviour.

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delphine Batho- french presidential candidate on degrowth. during a primary last year


1972 meadles report The limits to Growth


IPCC Group 3 report


the social shortfall and ecological overshoot of nations


world happniess index


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