The Future of Energy Ownership: Live Panel from TWT 2022

Monday, December 5, 2022

Public ownership is back on the agenda. With energy companies reporting record profits while people choose between eating and heating this winter, calls for renationalising our energy system are gaining traction. However, our demands cannot be shackled to past solutions. To create a truly democratic and sustainable energy sector fit for the 21st century, we must envisage new models of public ownership.

This week's show is a live panel from The World Transformed at Labour Conference 2022.  

Chris Saltmarsh co-founder Labour for a Green New Deal and author of "Burnt: Fighting for climate justice"

Hazel Nolan: regional organiser for GMB in the North East, Yorkshire and Humber

Matthew Lawrence founder of the think tank Common Wealth and co-author of "Owning the Future: Power and property  in an age of crisis."

The panel is chaired by India Burgess from the think tank Autonomy


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