Pakistan Floods and COP 27 with Asad Rehman

Monday, November 7, 2022

This summer immense flooding struck Pakistan and devastated the landscape and its people.

31 million people have been displaced and the country is a long way from recovery. Today COP 27 starts in Egypt. Loss and Damages are right at the top of the agenda and the fight continues for reparation  for those already affected by climate breakdown.

This week we welcome back on the show Asad Rehman from War on Want. We discuss the cataclysmic flooding in Pakistan, how colonialism exacerbated the flooding  and how the global south is left defenseless through debt . Asad also talks us through COP27, what's on the line and how mass movements from Africa and round the world are fighting for change in Egypt and against the Egyptian government.


Shout Outs

Via Campesina- the global coalition of farm workers

Refugee Council- for speaking out against the Home secretary

RNLI - who continue to rescue refugees in the English Channel against the will of the British Government.

DJ Pro P for bringing the heat at the working class voices event