Kohei Saito on Degrowth Communism.

Monday, April 22, 2024

We've spoken to alot of degrowthers on this show, all coming from slightly different angles on the problems facing the planet. This week we are heading to Japan, to hear from one of the most prominent thinkers on Marx, to see how marxism and degrowth are really singing on the same hymn sheet.

This week on the show Ads and Andrew are joined by Philosopher Kohei Saito to discuss Degrowth Communism.

Kohei Saito is an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Tokyo, and the best selling author of "Capital in the Anthropocene" (which sold over 500,00 copies in Japan), Marx in the Anthropocene and his new book "Slow Down: The degrowth Communist Manifesto".

Topics discussed
The popularity of Kohei's books on Marx in Japan

Marx on nature and the metabolic rift

Historical Materialism

How Degrowth is an extension of Marx's own work.

How to get move on from "Capitalist common sense" to abundance.

The Japanese Left.

How do we start putting these ideas into practice.


You can get a copy of Kohei's latest book "Slow Down: The Degrowth Communist Manifesto" at the link below.

Shout Outs

Kohei's  kids for inspiring him to keep fighting for a better world.