"Its time to revive land politics in the UK" with Right to Roam

Monday, September 18, 2023

If you were to wander lonely as a cloud in England, chances are that you would find yourself on privately owned lands and committing a civil offence. if you were to do the same in Scotland however, you would be totally within your right to do so.  So what gives? Why don't the English have access to the nature and countryside of God's green earth?

This week we are joined by land access campaigner  and orgnaniser at Right to Roam, Jon Moses. Ads and Jon discuss the history of land being taken into private ownership, the difference between land access rights in England and Scotland, what actually might happen if you illegally trespass (spoiler not as much as you might think!) and Jon updates us on the access rights saga of Dartmoor national park.


Shout Outs

Daniel Grimstom, and congrats on  your play Corpse light.