International Biodiversity Day Special! with Josh Styles

Monday, May 23, 2022

It comes around quicker every year. It's only International Biodiversity Day!

To celebrate our United Nations mandated holiday we are throwing off our slippers, getting out the trowels from the shed and heading out into the garden with the tour de force that is botanist Josh Styles (@joshual95).  Josh is a long time friend of the show and founder of the North West Rare Plants initiative. A project to help reintroduce extinct or rare plant species to the North West.

On this most green of days we discuss if symbolic events are useful for causes? The success of the Lesser Bladderwort, How we can make our gardens and lawns more bio-diverse and rare plant friendly, why Hoylake Beach needs protecting and of course... plant STDs.


Here's  a collection of botany and wildlife apps to help you out in the wild.

Sign the petition to save the SSSI that Josh talked about here


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