Inside COP 15. Saving Our Biodiversity

Monday, January 16, 2023

We've been sounding the alarm about biodiversity from the very beginning of this podcast,If the ecology of the planet goes, we all go with it. So what are the nation states doing to reverse the damage done?

This week on the show we are joined by climate journalist Daisy Dunne. Daisy is a special correspondent for Carbon Brief and was part of their team covering COP 15 in Montreal. We discuss what happen at COP 15, what are the new biodiversity targets, How geopolitics shapes the  targets and why is the biodiversity summit gets scant attention compared to the COP on carbon emissions. We also discussed the difficulties of being a climate journalist and how to balance being the canary in the coal mine while leading a normal life.


Shout Outs

Home Tree- a project to rejuvenate Ireland's Atlantic rain forest.
Marlowe Hood- one hell of a climate journalist
Lützerath bleibt! - German activists that have occupied a town to stop the expansion of a coal mine.