"I'm an advocate for Gentle Anarchy" Supporting Bees and Insects in Ireland.

Monday, December 4, 2023

The worlds biggest climate negotiations are happening as you read this, in Dubai at COP28. The President of COP has just said "There is no scientific basis for climate change" We wish we were joking.

...... I think its time to take a breather, go outside and hangout with nature, and think a little locally.

This week Ad's is joined by Paul Handrick aka "The Bee Guy". Paul runs the worlds first native wild  Bee sanctuary, based in the republic of Ireland. They discuss how Paul transitioned from gigging musician to running the only organic vegan farm in Ireland, the problem with the profit motive, frustrations working with the environment movement and how everyone can support Bees, Insects and other wildlife in their own gardens.


Follow the link below for more info on the worlds first native wild Bee sanctuary.


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