"Ice Cores Are Time Travel" with Glaciologist Dr. Peter Neff

Monday, June 20, 2022

There's a heatwave happening in Europe so let's cool down this week by getting into some polar research and  understand how we know the climate is changing from one of the most inhospitable places on earth.

This week on the show we are joined by Dr. Peter Neff(@icy_pete), assistant research professor at the University of Minnesota.  Peter is  a glaciologist and climate scientist working primarily to develop glacier ice core records of past climate, environmental conditions, and atmospheric chemistry.  We discuss the significance of Ice core data for understanding the changing climate, how ice cores are collected, the geo-politics of the antarctic and the military begins of polar research.  Peter also discusses his ethos when it comes to communicating scientific ideas and dealing with social media doomerism.


Here's Peter's tik tok on ice core drilling.

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Shout Outs

Polar impact- supporting ethnic and racial minorities working in Polar research

Polar Impact Co-founder Prem Gill

Councillor Linda Foley and the Manchester Schools working on climate breakdown education.

Progressive Economic Forum and James Meadway for organsing it