Half Earth Socialism "We need to be humble in the face of unknowable nature"

Monday, May 9, 2022

It's gonna take some big ideas and even bigger actions for humanity to swerve the 2.C warming climate catastrophe coming down the road. So this week we're taking half the world away.

Joining us on the podcast are Drew Pendergrass (@pendergrassdrew) and Troy Vettese (@TroyVettese) the authors of "Half Earth Socialism; A plan to save the future from extinction, climate change and pandemics". Their book combines half earth re-wilding and the rich history of Utopian Socialism to illustrate a way of saving the earth from humanity and combating our hubris and domination of nature itself.We discuss the works of Otto Neurath, Leonid Kantrovich and Stafford beer;  Using Neoliberal thinking against Neoliberalism, how and why malthusian ideas on over population are embedded into society and the problems that arise from it and how to  create more efficient food chains through global veganism.


Pick up a copy of Half Earth Socialism from Verso books Here

Check out Drew and Troys website for more info.


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Shout Outs

UAWD - United All Workers for  Democracy


Troys girlfriend Shenuya

Minesh Parek- Congrats on being elected for Crookes and Crosspool in Sheffield


Fianna Hornby GND Councillor elected for Gorse Hill in Trafford


Angela Brown GND Councillor elected in Heywood