Green energy has never been cheaper, so why aren't we transitioning faster? With Brett Christophers

Monday, February 19, 2024

If there is any one word that is synonymous with tackling climate change, it is “electrification”. Yes, getting off fossil fuels and taking the majority of CO2 out of our economy are the goals of many working on the climate, but if there was one silver bullet for the climate movement it's generating more clean electricity.  

Renewable forms of energy have sharply decreased in price over the last twenty years, and battery storage solutions are coming on in leaps and bounds, but most of the world is still tied to oil and gas for their electricity use. So our question today is: Why aren't we moving faster on the green energy transition? Luckily, we've found a guy who might know.

Our guest today is Brett Christophers. Brett is a political economist and economic geographer, and has just published his new book “The Price is Wrong “Why capitalism won’t save the Planet“ on Verso books.  Andrew and Lucy discuss with Brett why the energy sector is so complex, how it favours fossil fuel based energy production, why isn't investment pouring into green energy and how China and India's energy needs should be a focus for the years to come.


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