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Monday, March 14, 2022

We have rebranded as GND Media! Head over to to see all the wonderful new stuff we are doing on there.Our first big project is our article series "Just as Well' that looks at what a Just Transitions will look like across the world. Friend of show and Eco Socialist Legend Max Ajl kicks off the series with looking at climate breakdown in Latin America and the Middle East.You can read Max's article here.

On this weeks show we are delighted to welcome Rosanna Wiseman (@RoWise1) from Green New Deal  Rising  (@GNDRising). GND Rising are most well known for their MP challenges and you may have seen them challenge Rishi Sunak, Nichola Sturgeon and Keir Starmer on their climate policies.  We discuss the tactics of these challenges and their affects, the delicate balance of supporting people in multiple political parties, how GND rising is organised , keeping racial justice tied to climate justice and how to generate new movements while learning from the past.



GND Rising Leadership programme

Shout Outs

Clive Lewis MP


Fi Quekett -  GND rising organiser


Lucas Clay - the legend that designed our new website!


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