GND candidates in GM: Local Election Week Part One

Monday, March 28, 2022

With the local elections a little over a month away we are dedicating an entire week, with Two shows, meeting Labour for a Green New Deal candidates from around the country. We are finding out what a GND could mean for local communities even with a hostile government still in power and what tools councils have to tackle climate breakdown. 

We are starting off at home with West Heywood candidate Angela Brown (@Angel4brown598)  and Gorse Hill candidate Fianna Hornby (@fiannahornby). Angela a Labour for a Green New Deal Legend who spoke on behalf of the 2019 motion at conference and Fianna an community wealth building and GM for Labour for a Green New Deal stalwart. 

This week we ask them what got them into politics, green politics in the labour party, what they will do if they win and how climate breakdown goes down on the doorstep. 



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