GND candidates across the UK: Local Election Week Part Two

Thursday, March 31, 2022

This is the second episode of our Local Election Week.

In this episode we are meeting Green New Deal council candidates from outside of Greater Manchester and looking at the picture across these green and pleasant lands.

On this show we are joined by Minesh Parekh (@min_esh) who is running in Crooks and Crosspool, Sheffield and  we are also joined by Matt Buckley (@_Matt_Buckley) running in Caversham Heights, Reading.

We discuss what brought them into environmental politics, the balance of green space vs housing, what can councils actually do for the climate? How living in wards next to national parks affects that balance and what their big Green New Deal ideas are for their local councils.


If you'd like to support either candidates campaigns here's how you can reach them

Minesh- Crookes and Crosspool

Matt- Caversham Heights

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