Enough is Enough

Monday, August 22, 2022

The U.K is on the brink of a multitude of crises. With soaring energy bills, rampant inflation the highest we've seen in 40 years and don't forget the hottest days since records began.  Mix that in with sewage being pumped into our rivers and seas and a prime ministerial  race which is based on who can be the cruelest to the most deprived. Well Enough is Enough.

On today's show we are joined by Jake Johnson from Acorn (@ACORNunion) to discuss the new campaign Enough is Enough. Sprouting from the back of strikes from the RMT and  CWU, Enough is Enough is a trade Union Labour Movement campaign to demand a better future for the country. In the immortal words of Mick Lynch "We refuse to be poor anymore".

On the show we discuss the 5 key demands of the campaign, the struggles of organising in already difficult work conditions and how climate change is wrapped up in all of these demands.


Tickets for the Manchester rally can be found HERE it's free!

Join the Enough is Enough campaign HERE.

Got a crappy landlord? Sign up to Acorn now

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