How Green Colonialism Damages the Arab Region

Monday, November 20, 2023

The world’s attention right now is focused on the desperate situation in Gaza. This human catastrophe has major ramifications for the wider Arab region encompassing North Africa and the Gulf States, an area that is also at the heart of fossil capitalism and thus an important region when it comes to turning the planet away from hydrocarbons and climate catastrophe.  While being the generator of 35% of the all the hydrocarbons in the world, it is also the site of potentially immense green energy.  So how might a just transition take place here? And how do the political and environmental conditions of the region shape this transition?

This week Alex is joined by Hamza Hamouchene ( @BenToumert) and Katie Sandwell (@KatieSandwell) the editors of a new collection of essays called "Dismantling Green Colonialism, Energy and Climate Justice in the Arab Region"

Hamza and Katie both work for the Transitional Institute, an international research and advocacy institute committed to building a just, democratic and sustainable planet.

They discuss with Alex how Fossil Capitalism is already scooping up land for renewables and carbon offsets in the Arab region, how the World Bank and the IMF along with local elites push the Arab region toward extractive industries instead of focusing on climate adaption. How Green Colonialism has developed in the region and what a Just Transition would look like, that does not put North Africa at the service of Europe


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Shout Outs

Palestinians in Gaza and the Diaspora

Social justice and environmental justice activist in Arab region.

Mohad Gasmi: currently in prison in Algeria for criticizing the current government.

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