Climate Change as Culture War

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

You might be forgiven thinking that something as huge and undeniable as climate change would manage to stay out of the way of the madness that is right wing culture wars. And you'd be wrong. As strategies to mitigate climate change start to be implemented around the world, the long shadow of conspiracy, moral panic and hysteria are circling the internet and their coming for your air source heat pump!This week on the show we are joined by Ketan Joshi ( KetanJ0).

Ketan  is a communications and research consultant working with European climate organizations currently based in Norway and has recently been writing about how conspiracy theories and culture war can affect climate change policy.  we discussed the bizarre controversy over gas stoves in the US,  how Covid-19 conspiracy theorists have moved into climate change culture war and how to combat climate disinformation.


Shout Outs

first nations clean energy network  in Australia

Senator Bernie Sanders

Josh Davies and David Wilkinson at UCU.