Class Politics in a Warming World with Keir Milburn.

Monday, July 17, 2023

It's been said on this podcast many times that the working class will be the ones who make sure we have a just transition. For the last few years deciding who the working class are has been up for debate. Are graduates in minimum wage jobs the working class? Are plumbers on £80k a year the working class? How will climate change affect these categories?

This week on the show we are joined by writer and activist Keir Milburn. Keir is the author of “Generation Left” and is a co-host of ACFM on Novara Media. Keir is also a founding member of the think tank Abundance.

We discuss who the working class in 21st century Britain are, how climate and class politics have expressed themselves in the past, the horrendous spycops saga and how it affected climate activists in the 2000's, what current climate activist have forgotten from previous movements, how to discuss the realities of planetary boundaries in politics without having a reductive vision for the future and whether climate organisers should use moral arguments in their campaigning.



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